We’ve Bought Land!

We have taken a big step toward the future self-sustainability of our Arua project by purchasing a small block of land and buildings.

With electricity recently arriving in the region, rental prices have been increasing rapidly and consuming a large portion of our budget. Purchasing land allows us to redirect these funds to better help the children we are rescuing. It also allows us to build and develop a project campus specifically suited to our needs.

We are so excited by this block of land, and the low price we have secured it for.

The purchased price is than it would cost us to construct the buildings currently on the land! The site area is 960sqm, there is metered water installed, and electricity is coming to the area very soon.

The buildings on site are: A three room ablution block. A big house (well, big by Arua standards) with three small rooms and one larger room. A two room unit that is very near to completion, only requiring a small amount of plastering and paint. A long partially-completed building across the back of the section with three flats (two rooms each). And another partially-completed building with four rooms that is up to ring beam level (top of door/window level).

Please help us raise $68,000 to complete the purchase and required renovations. Donate here.

Courtyard sml

The central courtyard which we plan to pave.

Latrine block sml

The latrine block.

Partially finished block at back sml

A partially completed building at the back of the section with 3 x 2-bedroom flats.

House latrines and unfinished block sml

The main house, latrines, and the unfinished block.

House and section from road sml

View of the section from the road.

Unfinished block sml

A long, partially completed building with four rooms.

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