A Ugandan Social Worker

A social worker had a heart wrenching conversation with a local street child. She found out that he didn‘t want to be on the street but was powerless to change his own situation. She offered him her home; her passion grew. She delved further into the plight of the street kids; issues of exploitation and trafficking came to light.

A Kiwi Family

A kiwi visiting ORA’s Uganda project came across a street child lying in a gutter. This raised questions and emotions resulting in months of immersion into the street children’s existence. She gathered evidence of trafficking incidents and brought them to New Zealand. The issue gained the attention of ORA New Zealand, who birthed Hope Street.

The Project

Things took shape when us kiwis and the local social worker‘s family realised we had the same vision. The locals (who have the cultural ability to impact the community) are focused on running and developing the project. Us kiwis provide the required training, resource, guidance, support and accountability, all aiming toward the project’s eventual self sufficiency.