Let’s get on the grid

Without power you wouldn’t be getting this message, we’re pretty lucky to have it! And we don’t even think twice about it do we? The nights are long in Arua, all year around as it is close to the equator.

We’re raising $1,250 to connect our project campus to the grid, so the children can have lights to study and the staff can easily charge the computer and cell phones.

Currently our staff make regular trips to town to charge their work phones, laptop, and other appliances, paying hefty charging fees. Power on site will enable our staff to have their mobile phones constantly charged to communicate with council organisations, foster parents, biological families, teachers, and the New Zealand team.

Electricity on campus directly benefits our children too. They will be able to use the computer freely, research the internet, experiment with digital cameras, and study after sunset using lightbulbs rather than a torch! Power on site will also allow us to install necessary security lighting.

If you’d like to help us out in some way we would hugely appreciate it! Donate here.

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