Tailoring Training Continues

Natural Spring

It has been two years – and how time flies – since Hope Street received our first treadle sewing maching. It started with the vision of teaching trades on the Hope Street campus instead of sending our children to trade-school.

Kids fresh off the street need a high level of mentoring, moral support, and patience – things that the school environment can’t always provide. As much as possible we enourage the pursuance of academic education, but for the thirteen-year-old street child who has never sat in a classroom, starting from grade one can be a daunting task. Not to mention the age gap they would have their five-year-old classmates.

Over the last two years our tailoring programme has shaped up nicely. Those children in the programme full-time have a weekly routine of basic numeracy classes, literacy classes, business skills and tailoring workships. They go on to set up their own businesses; in Arua an experienced tailor can earn enough to support a large family.

One of our children, Samuel, used to practise sewing by the campus gate, which soon earned him the business of many of our neighbours! Samuel has since undergone 3 months training with a high tailor in town to perfect his craft.

Even those of our children who are enrolled in school still pop on the sewing machines from time to time. They repair their own clothes and practise their skills.

If you’re in New Zealand, head along to one of our Dine events to sample the children’s work. You might head home with a new apron or purse!

Natural Spring

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