Connecting Kiwis
with children in need
in our global village

we do

We connect kiwis to children and communities in need by partnering with locals working in their streets. These locals are passionate about changing children’s futures and transforming their communities.

1 in 5  children  live in extreme poverty

in need

So  you  
can give them hope for the future

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Meet Desire

Desire is on the ORA Uganda sponsorship programme and was previously sponsored by an organisation in Austria. Unfortunately, the organisation ceased sponsorship in 2022, leaving 35 children without sponsors. Our

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Meet Owen

Owen sends his heartfelt thanks to Hope St supporters, saying, “Thank you, God bless you. Thank you for helping us.”   Owen is on the ORA Uganda sponsorship programme and was previously

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Connecting Kiwis

with children living in poverty for



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Communities transformed by hope and opportunity

Join our team of regular donors fighting modern slavery. Or you can… 

Connect with one child to change their life, and they will change the lives of many others.


Miriam likes skipping and athletics. At home she helps wash the dishes and fetches water. Miriam likes school. She likes science and wants to be a nurse. 


Deborah is happy and active. She loves to skip rope and play netball. Her responsibilities at home are to fetch water, cook and clean the dishes.  She wants to be a nurse.  


Jackson’s favourite things to do are digging in the vegetable garden, playing football and singing. He also helps out around the home, including looking after his grandfather’s cows and goats.

She has hope for her future

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Join the Hope St team as we change the lives of children and communities