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Hope St is a child-focused international development organisation. We connect kiwis to children and communities in need by partnering with like-minded locals living in the streets of South East Asia, East Africa and Eastern Europe; locals who are passionate about transforming their communities and giving children hope for the future. Through deep relationships, we get alongside our partners by equipping them with resources, training and support as they identify, plan and implement their own programs in the fight against poverty.


Our approach
Tried and true

Local partners

We equip locals to transform their communities by providing training, resources, support and accountability.

Protecting the vulnerable

We protect children from neglect, trafficking and exploitation, providing education, healthcare and support so they gain hope for their future.

Future-proof initiatives

We encourage local initiatives that will ensure long-term sustainability for Hope St’s international partners.

Our mission

Giving the most vulnerable children and communities hope for the future


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Promote justice

Maintain transparency

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A little Hope St history…

As a child, in WWII, ORA International’s German founder was separated from his family. In 1981, as a successful businessman, he founded ORA International to help children in need in Eastern Europe and beyond.

In the mid-1990s Kiwis became involved in ORA International work in Tajikistan, Central Asia. This led to the establishment of an autonomous funding office in New Zealand in 1999; Orphans, Refugees, and Aid of New Zealand (ORA NZ). ORA NZ started connecting kiwis with people in need in Tajikistan, Pakistan, and Afghanistan in Central Asia.

The next chapter…

In 2012, while working with ORA NZ’s partner in West Nile Uganda, an ORA NZ volunteer came across a street child lying in a gutter. She ensured the child received all the care he needed. That day, something was planted in her heart; she came face to face with the raw, gritty reality that many children face a dangerous and difficult future without hope of change because they lack the needed resources and support. This encounter grew into a passion to give hope and opportunity for a different future to these children living in the poorest ‘streets’ in the world. She gathered evidence of trafficking incidents and brought them to New Zealand. Hope Street was founded in partnership with ORA NZ to connect kiwis with children and youth who have been or are in danger of being prostituted, trafficked or living homeless.

In 2018 ORA NZ and Hope Street merged, as we were supporting the same international partners and shared similar missions and values. Now, rebranded as Hope St, we can have a greater impact in the communities where we work. 

Meet the team
that connects kiwis
with children in need

“There are so many aspects of my role with Hope St that I find so fulfilling: seeing the difference we make in the kids’ lives and in the communities we serve…” read more

Megan McPherson

“As a child, I saw firsthand the impact of severe poverty. Children living in poverty are Hope St’s top priority. Let’s ensure they are receiving proper care,
along with all they need for a strong foundation.’ read more

Sarah Pennalligen

“Visiting the projects and seeing firsthand the passion of our partners to help some of the most vulnerable children is what keeps me motivated to serve Hope St.” read more

Neil Chesterton

“In poor communities, everyone suffers, but those that suffer the most are the children who have lost their parents” read more

Hope St - Staff - Jairus

Jairus Robb

“So often the needs of the world feel overwhelming. Hope St provides Kiwis with clear and tangible opportunities to help those in need…” read more

I was hungry and you fed me,
I was thirsty and you gave me a drink,
I was homeless and you gave me a room,
I was shivering and you gave me clothes.

Matthew 25:34-36 (The Message)


Hope St projects are administered by the locals employed by our international partners, locals who are passionate about transforming their communities, passionate about changing the lives of children to give them hope for the future. These people identify, plan and implement their own programs in the fight against poverty: education programs, health care, clean water, microfinance and social business programs, protecting kids from neglect, trafficking and exploitation. Local capacity always has more effective impact. 

In 2022 93% of sponsorship and project donations went to Hope St’s international partners. Only 7% was used for New Zealand administration and supporter engagement costs. 

We at Hope St desire integrity in all aspects of our actions. As good stewards we consciously accept responsibility for those things that have been entrusted to us, therefore financial accountability and transparency are imperative to us.

We try to keep our administration low-cost so that we can channel maximum donated funds to project countries. Copies of our financial statements are available on request. We guarantee that a least 80% of your donation is spent on project costs. We levy a maximum of 20% on donations for New Zealand administration and promotional costs.

We take seriously our responsibility to see that your donation is used effectively and efficiently. We monitor all project partners to ensure they are well-managed and sustainable. We receive regular financial and narrative reports from our international partners to ensure full accountability for money transferred, and visit as often as we can. 

Yes, Hope Street Charitable Trust has IRD international donee status, so donations are eligible for tax benefits. Every April we will send an annual tax receipt to the email or postal address we have for you.  

Most Hope St personnel volunteer their time. If you are passionate about serving people in need and seeking justice for the vulnerable, and you have time available, contact us to discuss how you can be involved in our energetic, proactive, passionate and dynamic team! Together we can discuss the skills you have to offer, the areas you could help in and the level of commitment you are comfortable with. We can provide the support, training and resources needed. 

We ensure that all our projects are as sustainable as possible. Our vision is to equip, inspire and empower nationals in project countries to help others in their land; together working towards a sustainable future. It is important to us that projects we support will one day no longer need our help and that they value the environment both as God’s creation and as an essential basis for life.  

Hope St is a faith-based organisation, and while our motivation is our faith, the children and communities we serve are not required to be Christians to receive help from Hope St, nor are they expected to convert to Christianity to continue to receive help. The people we serve come from a variety of religious backgrounds. The work we do is the unconditional, practical application of our faith. 

We appreciate your feedback, including ideas on how Hope St can improve the way we work. Please email your feedback or concerns to info@hopestreet.org or phone 0800 HOPE NZ. To make a confidential complaint please email complaints@hopestreet.org