Lives changed forever
because Kiwis
made the connection...

Young boy finished selling Avocado juice in city

The realities and risks street children face

“Economically, Uganda is experiencing high inflation rates and increased crime. The number of child hawkers in the city is increasing day by day. Some as young as six years have hit the streets and markets to sell vegetables, fruits, and other foodstuffs.”
Tom – Hope Focus Uganda.

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Local capacity always has more impact

“Changes came through observation and relationships, listening to locals, believing in them, watching them believe in themselves, and discovering their strengths. It is exciting and fulfilling to watch a light come on in people’s eyes as they realise Hope St believes they hold the keys to transformation within their own community, not us.” – Jan Barker, Hope St Director.

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Antitrafficking_Hope Focus_Child holding letter_edited and cropped

The Heart of Hope St

Hope St’s heart is for the vulnerable. We exist to give the most vulnerable children and communities hope for the future. This is a big vision, so let me unpack it for you.

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