Sarah Pennalligen


“Visiting the projects and seeing firsthand the passion of our partners to help some of the most vulnerable children is what keeps me motivated to serve Hope St.” – Sarah

Sarah joined Hope St in 2015 and has visited Hope St partner programs in Uganda and Myanmar. Sarah works in child health and is passionate about seeing children be equipped with the tools and support to reach their full potential. Currently, Sarah sits as our Board Chair.  

Megan McPherson


“As a child I saw firsthand the impact of severe poverty. Children living in poverty are Hope St’s top priority. Let’s ensure they are receiving proper care, along with all they need for a strong foundation.” Megan

At 11 years old, Megan travelled to Tajikistan with her family, witnessing the impact of extreme poverty, especially on the lives of children. In her early 20s she visited Hope St’s Ugandan partner to assist with a community survey. 

While there she came across a street child lying in a gutter. She ensured the child received all the care he needed. Something was planted in her heart that day; she came face to face with the raw, gritty reality that many children face a dangerous and difficult future without hope of change because they lack the needed resources and support. This encounter grew into a passion to give hope and opportunity for a different future to these children living in the poorest ‘streets’ in the world. She gathered evidence of trafficking incidents and brought them to New Zealand. Megan founded Hope Street, in partnership with ORA NZ, to connect kiwis with children and youth who have been, or are in danger of being prostituted, trafficked, or living homeless. 

Megan has spent some time in the management of ORA NZ and Hope St however is now pursuing further studies and sits on our Board. 

Neil Chesterton


“In poor communities everyone suffers, but those that suffer the most are the children who have lost their parents” Neil

Neil is a board member of Hope Street.  In the early 1990’s, Neil and his family worked in Pakistan for three years, in community development. In 2000 they returned to Central Asia to work in Afghanistan with ORA International.

On returning to New Zealand in 2002 Neil joined the ORA NZ (now Hope St) Board, where he continues serve.

Jairus Robb


“So often the needs of the world feel overwhelming. Hope St provides Kiwis with clear and tangible opportunities to help those in need. I love, and count it a privilege, to be part of spreading these opportunities with as many people as possible!” – Jairus

Growing up, Jairus heard plenty of stories from his parents about living overseas in Papua New Guinea. Later on, as a thirteen-year-old, he and his family moved to Cambodia, and he saw first-hand the desperate need there is for more resources.   

With qualifications in journalism and experience obtained from working in the non-profit sector since 2017, Jairus brings a combination of marketing, communications, and a host of technical skills. He began work for Hope St as Communications Manager in 2022.

Jan Barker


“There are so many aspects of my role with Hope St that I find so fulfilling: seeing the difference we make in the kids’ lives and in the communities we serve, forming deep and real relationships with our international partners, connecting with Hope St’s incredibly generous kiwi supporters…” – Jan

Jan is the managing director of Hope St. She and her husband, Chris, have been involved in the humanitarian aid and international development sector since 1995, firstly in Central Asia, and later in East Africa, Eastern Europe and South East Asia.

With a medical, business and administrative background, Jan brings a combination of business and administrative skills to the table.

As well as supporting and monitoring Hope St partners worldwide, Jan leads the Hope St team in New Zealand.