Hear the children’s voices

Hope St is so grateful to our sponsors, generous kiwis committed to regularly supporting children to change their lives.  And the children are grateful too!   

Hear the children’s voices in these quotes from children’s correspondence with their sponsors in 2022, hear how their lives are changing. The lovely artwork is from Daniel and Miriam in Uganda, both seven years old.

‘Thank you for sponsoring me. I am determined to achieve my dream of being a nurse.’ Linda, age 7

‘Thank you very much, thank you for giving me hope.’ Jildah, age 8

‘Thank you for the wonders. I am here blessing you too.’ Bridget, age 10

‘Thank you so much for sponsoring me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.’ Nancy, age 13

‘Thank you for sponsoring me and making a difference in my life.’ Comfort, age 15

‘I thank you for sponsoring me. I appreciate you.’ Sharon, age 16

 ‘I thank you for supporting me like paying school fees, medical bills, books, pads etc. Without you, I would not be in school. But with your support, I am in school. Since I started school up to now you are helping me. I thank you so much. May God reward you for your effort.’ Brenda, age 17

‘I am so happy for all you have done for me. You have really made my life so comfortable in this difficult world of today. Without you, I would not be who I currently am.’ Francis, age 18

‘It’s a pleasure to write to you as I express my joy and happiness. Words are not enough to show how happy I am. God has brought me from nothing to something, bringing destiny changers into my life, using wonderful people like you to see I become a responsible young lady who is productive in the community.’ Felister, age 19

‘I really thank you and your family a lot for the tireless support to my life which was full of sorrows, to now a smile.’ Cosmos, age 22, a trainee electrician

‘I really lack the words to describe this love you have shown to me.’ Francis, age 24 and just graduated as a doctor!

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