You can
change a life

Thinking of becoming a Hope St child sponsor? 

Great! Hope St’s aim is that every sponsored child can support himself/or herself and others when their sponsorship concludes, so we commit to sponsoring children through their vocational training or tertiary education. Education is the best long-term means of setting these children and their families free from poverty and exploitation. 

When you sponsor a Hope St child you can build a relationship to give hope to your sponsored child, their family and their whole community.  


Patrick loves playing football with friends. He lives with his auntie and cares for their goats and weeds the gardens. He enjoys school. English is a second language for him, but it’s his favourite subject.

Hope St Partner: ORA Uganda


Miriam likes skipping and athletics. At home she helps wash the dishes and fetches water. Miriam likes school. She likes science and wants to be a nurse. 

Hope St Partner: ORA Uganda


Deborah is happy and active. She loves to skip rope and play netball. Her responsibilities at home are to fetch water, cook and clean the dishes.  She wants to be a nurse.  

Hope St Partner: ORA Uganda


Andrew is healthy and loves going to school. He enjoys taking care of his family’s goats and playing football with his friends. He dreams of being a doctor. 

Hope St Partner: ORA Uganda


Alice loves knitting, playing netball, riding bicycles and storytelling. She was rescued from the street aged 8, and dreams of being a nurse. 

Hope St Partner: Hope Focus


Jackson’s favourite things to do are digging in the vegetable garden, playing football and singing. He also helps out around the home, including looking after his grandfather’s cows and goats. Jackson wants to be a doctor. 

Hope St Partner: ORA Uganda


Leonard likes to play football and make cars out of local materials. He also takes care of the family’s goats. His favourite school subject is science, and he dreams of being a doctor.

Hope St Partner: ORA Uganda


Owen likes playing football, singing, and looking after animals. He takes care of the family’s goats. He wants to be a driver.

Hope St Partner: ORA Uganda


Hellen is friendly and caring and she tells us her favourite thing to do is read. She also likes netball and high jump. She lives with her family on rental land, in a mud hut thatched with coconut leaves. 

Hope St Partner: Chafisi Kenyal

Sponsorship FAQs

The cost of child sponsorship varies with the location you choose. Shared sponsorship is available from $30 per month, and sole sponsorship from $60 per month.

Costs for each program are:

  • ORA UGANDA: Sole sponsorship $60/month.
  • HOPE FOCUS, UGANDA: Shared sponsorship $30/month. Sole sponsorship $180/month.
  • CHAFISI, KENYA: Shared sponsorship $30/month. Sole sponsorship $90/month.

We have introduced a shared sponsorship model as the cost to keep a child in Hope Focus’ intensive program is $180/month. Costs are higher in Chafisi’s program as well, especially for children in secondary school and tertiary education.

If you choose to part-sponsor a child, you can pay as little as $30/month and share sponsorship with other Hope St sponsors, even those you don’t know.

When we receive your interest in sponsoring a child, we will forward an email with payment options. Most sponsors pay monthly. Some prefer fortnightly or weekly payments. 

Hope St sponsored children are supported until they have finished training and are able to stand on their own feet. However, while sponsors get great satisfaction from seeing their sponsored child complete their education, there is no formal time commitment. You can get in touch with us to cancel at any time.

We encourage you to write to your sponsored child at any time. You will receive a reply from the child, or if they are too young to write they will draw you a picture.