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By Jairus Robb, Hope St Communications Manager

At the core of it, the reason I am passionate about communications is because I believe in stories. One of the most powerful things is a story. A story can pull on the heartstrings and inspire someone. It can help a stranger feel connected to a movement that’s bigger than themselves. It can forge relationships between people that have never met before. Told well, stories can initiate change, bring transformation and catalyse growth.   

At the end of the day, our goal for Hope St’s communication platforms, through our email newsletters, social media posts and print material, is to share the stories of our people. We want you to know about the incredible work Hope St’s international partners do in their communities. We want you to hear about the hope a child has because of your generous support. We want you to feel the passion that motivates those at the heart of Hope St’s community like our donors, volunteer staff or board members. These stories tie us closer together as a community and strengthen our shared commitment to see more hope in our world.    

We’re passionate about sharing these stories with you because we also want you to be a part of them. We want to build up the Hope St whānau. Our goal through our communications is to draw you closer to the heart of Hope St as you engage with the work we and our international partners do. Our vision is that you will continue to come closer and closer to the heart and work of Hope Street and will feel more equipped to support the work however you can, whether that’s through your finances, relationship, volunteer work or prayer. The support you give is highly valued and always needed and we thank you for being a part of it.    

Another goal of Hope St communications is that, by sharing our stories with you, we can make a way for you to invite others into the Hope St community. With many news organisations and social media platforms often communicating messages of division or despair, we find ourselves with the incredible opportunity to inject a bit of hope into people’s lives. We believe that Kiwis (and everyone else!) are looking for ways to bring something good into the world and it is our privilege to provide them with the pathways to do so.   

So, who do you know that is looking to be a part of a hope-filled journey? Share us with them. Together, let’s bring the stories of hope to the world so that we can see change, transformation and growth occur in every community. 

Thank you for being a valued member of the Hope St whānau and we look forward to continuing this journey with you. 

Ngā mihi.

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