A Plentiful Harvest

Our international partners truly do serve their communities and the children they look after with all they have. One of them, ORA Uganda, is a very good example of this. Alongside the support they receive from Hope St and our incredible sponsors, they have also created an agricultural initiative that helps to support their work.

This past year, this project produced a very healthy harvest. There was enough fruit to supply the residential care home, which cares for sponsored children who are unable to stay in their villages due to either unsafe homes, or a health condition requiring proximity to medical care. The crops included oranges, mangoes, jackfruit, pineapples, sweet cassava, nuts, soya and maize. In addition to supplying the residential care home, some excess crops could be sold and some were gifted to the local children.  

Because of its proximity to the ORA Uganda compound, this project has provided a great opportunity for sponsored children to learn agriculture skills when they visit the compound for extra tuition and other sponsorship programme activities

You can learn more about ORA Uganda here

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