A Merry Christmas in Uganda

It was a good Christmas for the kids from one our International Partners, Hope Focus, visiting their homes again during Christmas and New Years. They had a lot of time with their guardians there, enjoying food and going to church with their families. One of the children Topista, pictured in this article, shared that she felt a lot of love shown by her relatives. They had meals together and the days were filled with joy as they made stories and told jokes. Another girl, Alice, told us that she was extremely happy for the Aunt who bought her clothes for Christmas. These stories from the kids are just a few of the many others we received these Christmas holidays.  

These kids come from all sorts of different backgrounds and family situations, so we’re filled with joy when we hear reports like these. Thank you for your support and advocacy that continues to equip our International Partners with the resources needed to keep in contact with the kids as they visit their homes.  

You can learn more about Hope Focus here

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