Water and Hygiene

Water, that humble liquid that makes up 60% of your body, covers 71% of the earth and fuels life.

Clean, safe water and sanitation are something we take for granted in New Zealand. However, these are not accessible in many of the communities Hope St partners with. Many of their water sources are unprotected springs or rivers, often contaminated by animal and human faecal waste. Many villagers do not have toilets. People use the surrounding bush, so when it rains, springs and rivers are easily contaminated. Waterborne diseases suffered frequently in these communities include typhoid, hepatitis A and worms.

Hope St aims to provide clean, safe water supplies and education regarding sanitation in three East African communities in the next twelve months. This is a one-time input into these communities that makes a huge difference in health and well-being, particularly through lowering the rates of waterborne diseases and deaths.

A protected spring is an economical and easily maintained safe water source. Hope St provides cement, pipes and an engineer, and the community provides local materials and labour. Good community participation is essential. When a community is involved from the initial stages of planning through to construction, they maintain their protected spring effectively, ensuring safe clean water for the generations to come.

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