Meet Francis

The following was written by ORA Uganda’s Sponsorship Coordinator Lillian about a former sponsored child of theirs.


Greetings to you all. I am joyful and grateful to Almighty God for his blessings upon the orphan child who has had a great journey through this sponsorship. Francis is an amazing young man who has trust in God and is obedient to everyone.After the loss of his dear father Francis got the opportunity to jion us in 2010. Francis and his family were so cooperative with the ORA Uganda team and, coupled with his positive attitude toward education, it became so easy to support Francis from 2010 until now. 


Because of the constant support from his sponsor he attained primary, secondary, and higher learning tertiary education, and his performance was always excellent. He completed his dream course as a medical clinical officer recently, now waiting for the final result and we are pretty sure he will get a good result.



I wish to appreciate the sponsor for the tireless support given to this young man, who has become a good servant to his community and the entire world. Congratulations to you, my dear sponsor, may the good Lord bless you and your generation, your spiritual, emotional and financial support was well placed in the life of Francis and his family and they will continue to remember you again and again.


One of the powerful things of sponsoring a person like Francis through his education is that the impact is multiplied. During his holidays, from primary school, he has been an amazing free service provider to ORA Uganda. He has been a role model to the rest of the children and also now helps in the extra tuition program to teach the science subjects of maths, physics, biology and chemistry. He mobilises children and guardians in the community and especially the parish where he lives. He checks the health of vulnerable children and educates adolescents on teenage marriage and pregnancies. He acts as a children’s advocate, visiting ORA Uganda office regularly and updating the team on challenging matters faced by the community and vulnerable children at large. We continue to appreciate Francis’ services.


May the Good Lord bless and guide you all as we are showing God’s practical love to the vulnerable children in our communities.


“I really lack words to describe the love that you and the staff of ORA Uganda have shown me. I now am a positive testimony to the orphans and the needy.” – Francis.


Francis remains involved in ORA Uganda and recently was the MC for the ORA Uganda Christmas party. Francis is now a role model for the younger children and a testament to how a connection with one child can change their life, and they will change the lives of many others.


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