Sustainable development

Feeding children and paying teachers wages 

Hope St’s partner in Kenya grow crops on 0.8 ha of land near a river, to feed the children in their school and orphanage. Chafisi can produce food on this little piece of land for about half the cost of buying bulk food in the market. Irrigation will allow Chafisi to grow crops throughout the dry season, feeding more children, and hopefully excess produce can be sold to pay teachers wages. All this making Chafisi less reliant on international funding. 

We recently sent funding to Chafisi for this irrigation project. They purchased a pump, pipes and other equipment required to irrigate the land. 

The team at Chafisi is so grateful and want me to pass on their thanks. They were so excited to get the funding from their kiwi connections. Their first email repeatedly said, ‘this is great news… this is great news…’.  

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