Now an electrician

In 2014 Phillip was a street kid in Uganda. He lost his father when he was young. His mother struggled to sustain her family by providing casual labour in their community. Philip fed pigs in the morning and evening for neighbours for about five years, so he could buy books, pens and a school uniform, and pay his primary school fees. He passed his primary leaving exams well enough to join secondary school, but due to the higher school fees required at secondary level he couldn’t attend. His family just couldn’t afford to send him. 

There wasn’t enough family land available for him to earn a living in the village. Philip walked a long distance to look for his sister who was working as a house girl in the city. He thought she could support him at secondary school, but because she received very little pay, she couldn’t help him. His sister helped him to look for a job to keep him busy rather than staying idle in the village. Both Phillip and his sister were being exploited in their jobs, and there was a risk Phillip would get involved in street gangs. 

Philip when he first arrived at Hope Focus

From the streets in 2014, to the Hope Focus safe house, on to secondary school, then an electrician’s diploma. Philip’s life has turned around. This year he has a job at a power company, and Hope St has funded some electrician’s tools for him.  

We’re so proud of Philip, how hard he has worked to change his life. He’s worked hard so he can help his extended family and others. We’re also proud of Hope Focus too, Hope St’s partner in Uganda who are rescuing children at risk of being trafficked and exploited.  

Thanks to all those who give faithfully to Hope St’s antitrafficking appeals and sponsor children on the Hope Focus program. Thanks for connecting with Philip and other at-risk children through Hope St. Thanks for giving them hope.  

Graduated from the program

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