Safe, clean water in Uganda

Clean, safe water is something we take for granted in New Zealand, however many of the communities Hope St works with in Eastern Africa don’t have access to safe water. Hope St partners work alongside local communities and support them to create their own safe water sources, lowering the rate of waterborne diseases and deaths.  

Last year, ORA Uganda protected two ground water sources, providing clean, safe water for three villages, approximately 950 people. Women and children had been walking up to 2 km to collect safe water before these springs were protected. Now, most spend fifteen minutes collecting water, giving women more time for other tasks, and children more time to study and play. The women in the community have also told us there are now very few cases of waterborne disease in their families.  

After recently visiting, to monitor the community care of one of the protected springs, ORA Uganda director Anthony wrote, “This project has helped many in the communities. The flow of water is good during rainy and dry season. Children and women walk short distances to get clean drinking water. And there is a water user committee to manage the spring.” 

Such great news! However, he also wrote, “We noticed during a monitoring visit that during the dry season the poles used to fence the water source were eaten by termites. The committee was advised to reconstruct the fence.” 

I find it so comforting to know that the ORA Uganda team are taking the time to monitor projects like this. It gives me confidence that the money you donate to Hope St is being put to good, long-term use. The community is being held accountable to maintain the spring, and growing in their knowledge of the provision of clean safe water. 

Thanks to all the kiwis who connected with these villages in Uganda, through donating to Hope St safe water appeals. You’ve changed lives! 

Unprotected ground water

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